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Amman Commitment to Action on Primary Health Care

We commit:  

To support the delivery of the Astana Declaration on primary health care for achieving high-quality, safe, comprehensive, integrated, accessible, available and affordable health care for everyone everywhere.  

To provide better primary health care services by transforming our pharmacy workforce and strengthening our practice and sciences.  

To continue to address the growing burden of non-communicable diseases by empowering our profession to provide services in health promotion and disease prevention, disease screening, referral, disease management and treatment optimisation in people with non-communicable diseases.  

To tackle the challenges of antimicrobial resistance by promoting antimicrobial stewardship strategies in our nations.  

To encourage our pharmacy workforce to contribute more to primary health care through the supply of quality medicines, improving medicines adherence and administering medicines and vaccinations.  

To transform and scale up pharmacy education by ensuring high-quality education and training, and to provide the foundation for workforce development, professional and scientific advancement.  

To continue to engage our stakeholders and empower our regional and national leaders and stakeholders to strengthen primary health care.  

To promote collaboration between countries and to act as a platform for sharing knowledge and good practices with other countries.  

To continue to bring in more people, countries and organisations to grow and support this movement.  

These are our regional commitments, and we aim to promote and spread them to other regions to improve global health.  

Together we will achieve health and well-being for all: leaving no one behind.