Empowered for health

Training and leadership development of the current and next generation of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science practitioners is the main emphasis of Topic C. It is inviting us to move out of our safe comfort zone and to constantly strive for improvement and advancement, to embrace change that leads to greater opportunities for pharmacists and patients to improve the quality of health care and well-being.  The transformation of patient outcomes can only be achieved with a strong pharmaceutical care workforce empowered to develop and implement the latest advancements in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.  To meet this challenge we must continuously innovate the ways in which we educate and train pharmacists to fully engage in the direct patient care process.

Education, as the most powerful tool for improvement and empowerment, has to be provided in the right context and defined structures, processes and outcomes of education should lead to the desired impact on patient health outcomes, as well as on the competency level of the healthcare professional and scientist. Self-awareness, attitude and motivation are essential psychological elements that must be strongly nurtured and supported throughout the education and training process.

An essential part of empowerment fostered by education is the continuing professional development cycle. Continuous development and application of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values is essential for competency development necessary to achieve the desired purpose of improvement and empowerment.