Parallel Session 3 – Scientific & research showcase: evidence of pharmacists impact on primary health care


Dominique Jordan, President of FIP (Switzerland)
Ammar Maaytah, Middle East University (Jordan)


  1. The Role of Community Pharmacists in the Interpretation of Laboratory Data in Diabetes Mellitus
    Nancy Hakooz (University of Jordan)
  2. Patient centredness in Pharmaceutical Care
    Ahmad Alrusasi (Community Pharmacist)
  3. Role of Pharmacists in Pharmacovigilance: the experience of JFDA’s Pharmacovigilance centre
    Wesal Alhqaish, (Jordan Food & Drug Administration)

15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break

  1. The Impact of Pharmacists Directed Medication Reconciliation on Reducing Medication Discrepancies during Transition of Care
    Rana Abu Farha (Applied Sciences University)
  2. The views and attitudes of the general public towards the current role of pharmacists in Jordan
    Suhaib Muflih (Jordan University of Science & Technology)
  3. Pharmacists’ attitudes and readiness to take on new roles in Jordan
    Mohammad Nusair (University of Yarmouk)
  4. Antibiotic Resistance: Pharmacists Perspective
    Rula Darwish (University of Jordan)

Question & Answers